London’s transport network is changing. The Cycle Superhighway and Crossrail’s new Elizabeth Line will improve the transport links in the De Beauvoir area and in central London as a whole. There will be better, faster and safer travel for everyone.

One of London’s four main cycle routes navigates through De Beauvoir Town. Cycle Superhighway Route 1 (CS1) begins in Liverpool Street, travels down De Beauvoir Road and ends in Tottenham. The Cycle Superhighways are segregated routes exclusively dedicated to cyclists, with the intention of making London a bike-friendly city.

If current trends continue, then more people in London will be cycling than driving, with highs of 50,000 people. This means, the continual development of this infrastructure is key.

De Beauvoir Town is known for being one of the best areas in London for cyclists and pedestrians, thanks to a series of strategically located filters (bollards) designed to calm and reduce traffic in the area. Plus, with a cycle hire station on the corner of Hertford Road, getting about on two wheels is ideal for those living and working in De Beauvoir Town.

In addition, Benyon Estate’s De Beauvoir Block is conveniently located within close proximity to both Dalston Junction Station and Haggerston Station. With enhanced transport links across London, this exciting new development is easily accessible and in an ideal location.

Crossrail’s new Elizabeth Line will stretch more than 60 miles from Reading and Heathrow to Abbey Wood. 30 existing stations have undergone state-of-the-art renovation and 10 brand new (and expertly designed) stations have been built.

Each new station is influenced by the area surrounding it. For instance, Tottenham Court Road station is styled with Soho in mind and the ticket hall below St. Giles Circus is inspired by the modernist 1960s architecture nearby. Art installations by Turner Prize winners Douglas Gordon and Richard Wright will be displayed at several stations.

A fleet of high-performing trains with a capacity of 1,500 are being introduced, all energy efficient as well as WiFi and 4G ready. In short, the Elizabeth Line will provide easier access and more efficient journey times, ideal for those living and working across London. By 2019, the network will be fully operational.

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