The Cure

The Cure on Southgate Road is a haven for health food lovers, stocking a selection of fresh fruit, vegetables, salads, and superfoods. Opened in February 2019, The Cure is owned by Harry Davies, well-known in De Beauvoir Town as founder and owner of the De Beauvoir Deli.

“The Cure is all about embracing healthy eating, both at home and on the go,” Harry explained. “We are almost entirely vegan and 100% gluten-free.

“It’s a complete juxtaposition to the indulgent deli across the road. You might go to the deli for traditional hearty food, and you go to The Cure if you’re looking for free-from groceries, superfoods and supplements.”

Harry added, “The Cure offers juices, smoothies and salads and our most popular on-the-go products are our gluten-free avocado toast, acai bowls, and De Beauvoir Detox cold-pressed juice.”


Born and raised in De Beauvoir Town, Harry loves the area for its real sense of community. But the inspiration for The Cure came from further afield. “My wife is American and we enjoyed similar establishments in California when visiting her family and friends, and those places inspired the idea for The Cure.

“The deli has never had space to embrace the growing wellness trend and it was clear that there was demand on Southgate Road for additional on-the-go food. So, I took the plunge and established The Cure. What’s so convenient is that we are able to share produce and utilise a single production kitchen for both stores.” 

Having been a commercial tenant with the Benyon Estate since opening the De Beauvoir Deli in 2009, it made perfect sense to Harry that his next business venture stayed close to his roots. 

There’s never been a master plan, I’ve very much taken things as they come. When another café on Southgate Road closed, it made sense for us to expand into it for all kinds of reasons, a big one being our existing relationship with the Benyon Estate. We are now a commercial tenant of three Benyon Estate properties on Southgate Road, including our production kitchen and office.



Harry Davies - Owner of the Cure shop
I’ve found that they have struck the perfect balance of hands-off to allow businesses some freedom and creativity, but always supportive when things go wrong or when you’re looking to make a change.

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