Many people spend their Christmas with their family or friends ‘back home’ which might mean long hours in traffic or long waits at the airport, spending large sums of money and taking some days off work. For those of you opting to stay at home, here are our tips for festive fun with your flatmates.

For groups

If you are planning on spending Christmas with your flatmates why not choose a day and time and put the decorations up together. All the shops are offering different festive decorations, so whether you are going for budget fun, funky décor or more traditional decorations there is something for every house. Grab your tinsel and your lights, together with your Christmas playlist and some mulled wine and make it an evening of celebrations.

If your flatmates are from different countries they will have different traditions and ways of celebrating Christmas, including in their festive menu. Mix up your Christmas Day menu with treats from different countries, whether it’s traditional English roast turkey with all the trimmings; Italian Christmas favourites such as seafood dishes and a variety of pasta; or perhaps traditional Polish potato salads or sauerkraut and sausage stew.

This is the perfect way to make sure everyone feels at home and you’ll get to taste traditional food from different countries which is great fun. You can split the shopping, cooking and cleaning duties or you can do everything together, the choice is yours!

For one

If you are staying in your shared house but not planning to celebrate with your housemates, you can still decorate the house and prepare dinner for yourself and others you’re celebrating with. It’s a good idea to talk about Christmas plans with your housemates in advance and you may want to ‘book’ a certain day or time each so you can freely use the kitchen and dining/living area for yourself and your friends.

If you are looking for decorations for your bedroom, many shops are offering miniature Christmas trees that are in a pot and are perfect for a desk or shelf. Getting a garland or fairy lights and wrapping it around your bedhead or window will bring the festive mood into your room and it’s easily done on a budget too.