With the holiday season approaching we’re all getting excited and ready to celebrate. We all want our houses to be cosy, beautifully decorated and festive. However, there are some rules we all should follow – Yule love our festive safety tips!

  1. Ensure all lights, both for indoor and outdoor use, are fit for purpose and that you have checked wires and sockets for cracks or damage.
  2. If you’re putting up decorations outside of your reach, make sure to use a ladder (and grab a friend or family member to hold it steady for you!)
  3. Using extension leads? Make sure they’re surge protected. And for regular sockets in your home, only plug one decoration into each.
  4. Make sure you turn off all your lights and decorations when going out or completely unplug them if you can. When you’re busy ‘decking the halls’ it’s best to make sure your plugs and leads aren’t tucked behind furniture, so you can access them easily and they don’t become a fire hazard.
  5. If you’re choosing an artificial tree, make sure it’s fire resistant. If a real tree is more your thing, make sure you keep it hydrated and away from open flames, heaters and other heat sources. (You can read more great tips on keeping your tree looking fresh and keeping safe here: https://www.rodalesorganiclife.com/home/keep-christmas-tree-green).
  6. Make sure you think about the decorations too – be aware paper decorations will be flammable and keep toxic or fragile ornaments away from children or pets.
  7. You probably don’t need us to remind you to keep matches, lighters and candles away from children and pets … but it’s easy to forget with the chaos of Christmas!
  8. And make sure you check (and double check!) all candles are properly out and heaters are off before you leave the room or go to bed.
  9. Don’t place candles underneath low shelves, or near the Christmas tree or other decorations. And ensure any candle holders or decorations are non-flammable.
  10. On Christmas Day, try to make sure you keep any wrapping paper away from heat sources – get it out the way as soon as the presents are open (it saves tidying up later and it’s safer too!) It’s best not to put wrapping paper in the fireplace; a flash fire may occur as wrappings ignite suddenly and burn intensely.
  1. Wishing you a very safe and a very Merry Christmas, from all here at The Benyon Estate.