Carville Construction Ltd

Father-and-son Bob and Rob Carville have carried out the major refurbishment works on properties owned by The Benyon Estate since 2012. The firm was originally introduced to the estate team through a tenant who had recommended their work.

While home is in Blackheath, they estimate to spend 70% of their time on projects for the estate. They are also Benyon Estate tenants, based out of a newly-refurbished workshop on De Beauvoir Road.

Typically, the firm is asked to carry out complete refurbishment projects on properties as they come to the end of their tenancies. “Under the direction of Steven Whitby (head of the maintenance team), who will create a full spec for the job, we’ll go in and strip the building back to its bare bones,” explains Bob. “Typically, that will mean the full belt and braces approach including installing a new roof, new ceilings, new plumbing and electrics and new plasterwork.”

As they are working on period properties, the approach has to be sensitive to the fabric of the building. Complete refurbishment projects can take up to 20 weeks or more to complete. “The estate isn’t afraid to spend money on doing a proper job,” says Bob. “They want to make sure that everything is done correctly to a high standard.”

Alongside complete refurbishment works, Carville Construction will also be tasked with smaller-scale works such as fitting a new kitchen or bathroom into one of the properties, as required by the estate.