Read below some of the most frequently asked questions on The Benyon Estate from residential and commerical tenants and about general maintenance. If you cant find what you're looking for then call us on 020 7249 3690 or email us at info@benyonestate.com and we will be able to help.

Residential tenants

Q: What types of residential properties do you have on the estate?

A: We have a variety of one to four-bedroom houses, maisonettes and flats, with and without gardens, throughout De Beauvoir Town. They are instantly recognisable by our Benyon Blue-painted front doors.

Q: Do you accept shared tenancies?

A: Yes

Q: What will happen at the end of fixed term tenancy?

A: All tenancies that have been fixed for a minimum of 6 months will have the option to become periodic tenancies with an annual rent increase.

Q: What should I do if I want to leave a shared tenancy?

A: First, you will have to find a replacement for yourself. Once your replacement gets in touch with us, we will carry out the rent check clearance. We will then issue a new tenancy agreement which must be signed by all people sharing the property.

Q: What is your payment process for rent collections?

A: The Rent is collected by Direct Debit.

Q: There is nothing available on your website, what do I do?

A: Keep in touch! It might be that we have nothing available right this instant but as soon as anything does come up, we’ll update the listings on the website and through social media channels. You can also join our waiting list by emailing info@benyonestate.com.

Q: What do I have to do with my property at the end of the lease?

A: We will be in touch to give you a full breakdown of the process at the appropriate time but essentially you will need to remove all your furniture and belongings; make good any damage; leave the garden in a good condition (mow the lawn, clear out any rubbish, etc); clean the property including all the rooms, bathrooms and kitchen; and, finally, read the meters and alert utility companies of your moving out date. Once that has been done, you can hand the keys back to the estate office in Southgate Road. When we have checked the property, we will review and return the deposit due.

Commercial tenants

Q: What type of commercial properties do you have on the estate?

A: We have a wide range of commercial properties on the estate including offices, shopfront retail, workshops, storage, studios and many more.

Q: How big are these spaces? 

A: Again, this varies from smaller workshops of around 100 sq ft, single occupancy offices of 2,500 sq ft and whole buildings of up to 12,000 sq ft.

Q: What type and length of commercial lease do you offer?

A: This can vary with the type of property you are interested in. The majority of our tenancies are outside the Act (1954) and we can draw up to 3-year leases, free of charge, in our office. We are open to longer leases and are generally flexible with terms. It’s worth having a discussion, so please get in touch.

Q: How often does space become available?

A: We have a large portfolio of commercial space that is usually fully occupied but space can become available at short notice at any time of the year. We keep this site updated but you may also wish to join our waiting list should there not be anything available currently that suits your needs.

Q: Do you have a waiting list?

A: Yes. We strongly recommend getting in touch to ensure you are contacted when something becomes available.

General maintenance

Q: Where is my water meter located?

A: Water meters are usually fitted near the outside stop tap. It will be under a small metal or plastic cover in the driveway, garden or near the footpath. For indoor meters, they can usually be found under the kitchen sink, by the inside stop tap.

Q: Does the estate provide refuse bins?

A: Yes, the estate can provide wheelie bins for general refuse but not recycled waste. Both Hackney and Islington Councils provide bags for recycled waste. These should be put out separately.

Q: Does the Estate have to grant permission to use smart meters?

A: No. If tenants are offered a smart gas or electricity meters by their supplier, they do not have to request permission from the estate before they can be installed.

Q: How does refuse collection operate for flats above commercial premises?

A: Flats that are above commercial premises have the refuse collected daily and the tenant has to bag the waste and leave it on the pavement in front of the property no later than 19.00. This service applies to: Flats 1 to 4, 95A Southgate Road; 99A Southgate; 105A and 105B Southgate Road; and 329A and 331A Kingsland Road.