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Our portfolio of commercial spaces includes retail units, restaurants and delis, workshops, light industrial premises, studios, and premium office spaces, many of which have been carved out of attractive 19th and early 20th-century warehouses and factories.

Creating employment opportunities in De Beauvoir Town is one of our main goals, and so we’ve built a collection of workspaces and studios offered at below market rents to support small and growing new enterprises.

commercial portfolio 

Our commercial spaces vary in size and function. We have spaces ranging from hot desks and studios to offices and workshops.


We have shops and retail spaces of all shapes and sizes.



Found on Southate Road in the heart of De Beauvoir Town.


Warehouses & Workshops

Ranging from small spaces to light industrial premises.



Found mostly in our business hub, De Beauvoir Block but also across the Estate.


Garden Centres

Located on Englefield Road this space has both indoor and outdoor growing areas.



Found on Southgate Road, we have varying sizes of restaurant premises.


De Beauvoir Block spaces

Made up of hot desks, workshops, offices, meetings rooms and an all-day café.



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Charles Moran – Director, CMA Planning Ltd
We have worked with the Benyon Estate for many years and the combination of their ambition, dedication and local knowledge results in the creation of exemplar buildings that have a genuinely positive impact on the community.

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We often describe the area as a village but, time and time again, our tenants say that's precisely what this is. Learn more about life in De Beauvoir Town

Community Involvement

Supporting the local community is fundamentally important to The Benyon Estate. Read more about how we support our tenants, here.

Commercial Property

Frequently Asked Questions

We have a wide range of commercial properties on the estate including offices, shopfront retail, workshops, storage, studios and many more.

Again, this varies from smaller workshops of around 100 sq ft, single occupancy offices of 2,500 sq ft and whole buildings of up to 12,000 sq ft.

This can vary with the type of property you are interested in. The majority of our tenancies are outside the Act (1954) and we can draw up to 3-year leases, free of charge, in our office. We are open to longer leases and are generally flexible with terms. It’s worth having a discussion, so please get in touch.