Iveta Senasiova

Digital Presence Manager


Iveta’s role involves managing our digital presence across the social media platforms and creating engaging content for our website, as well as handling all the marketing requirements both for the estate and the De Beauvoir Block. She is also writing the blogs, putting together regular newsletters and organising competitions and events for our tenants and the De Beauvoir community.

Iveta has built up extensive knowledge about how the estate plays a pivotal role in the community of De Beauvoir Town. With her wide-ranging role, she’s able to tap in and champion many of the exciting things taking place both within the estate and beyond and bring the community news to our readers and followers.

Prior to joining The Benyon Estate, Iveta worked as a marketing specialist for a number of property companies.

“No day at work is ever the same – which is why I adore my job,” says Iveta. “I’m proud of the role that the estate plays within the community which makes De Beauvoir Town a special place to live and work. I’m excited to be able to be part of it”

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Iveta Senasiova – Head of Marketing and Digital presence, Benyon Estate
No day at work is ever the same – which is why I adore my job.