Prime Link Property Services

Entrepreneur Ebun Ewedemi spotted a gap in the market for quality property inventory services and started her own business at age 23.

That was in 2016 and since then, Prime Link Property Services has grown in size and reputation, with one of its key clients being The Benyon Estate, for which it’s provided property inventory services for the past three years.

“The Benyon Estate were looking for a new inventory company and we were recommended to them by a colleague,” said Ebun.

“Our work for the Estate involves conducting Inventory Check in and Check out inspections on their properties. At these inspections, we describe all contents, fittings and fixtures within a property and their condition as seen. Supporting photographs are also taken.

‘‘The information gathered from these inspections are put into an independent report for both the tenant and the Estate. These reports are an essential part of the deposit return process, as they depict the condition of a property at the beginning and end of a tenancy by a third-party company.’’

The company’s reports are highly detailed, also covering testing appliances, as well as lights, switches and smoke alarms.

Additional checks are done on what Ebun calls the ‘functionality of the property’ such as checking doors and windows open properly and that there’s running water. Utility readings are also taken.

An independent company based in Greenwich, Prime Link Property Services has built a reputation for high quality and recently won ‘Best Inventory Company of the Year’ under the auspices of the Association of Independent Inventory Clerks (AIIC), the UK’s main professional body for property inventory clerks.

A former property manager, Ebun always had the intention to start up her own property business, focussing on inventory services, but in the last six years the company has grown to offer additional property services, including Gas Safety Certificates, Portable Appliance Testing (PAT), Electrical Installation Condition reports (EICR's), Floor plans and EPC’s.  

“As a property manager, I previously worked closely with various inventory clerks and spotted there was a lack of professionalism within the industry back then. I saw an opportunity to bring value and quality to clients, along with a chance to build a successful business of my own,” said Ebun.

“It was just myself when I started, but then as the reputation of the business grew, so did the team.” 

Ebun thoroughly enjoys working with The Benyon Estate – and believes the professional association will continue to go from strength to strength.

“What impresses me most is just how organised and coordinated they are,” said Ebun.

“The world of property management can be quite hectic. Property managers must juggle maintenance, repairs, tenants and contractors for multiple properties at the same time. The Estate has a great system in place in how it handles all these different requirements. It makes our job so much easier.’’