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Joe & Ann-Marie Illes

Joe and Ann-Marie moved into a privately-rented property in De Beauvoir Town in February 2016—and fell in love with the area. Not long after, however, their landlord advised them that he wanted to sell the property. “We tried to buy it but both sides were miles apart when it came to valuation,” explains Joe. “I looked at some other options to buy in Canonbury and around Highbury & Islington Tube station but quickly realised that we preferred the open, wider and lighter streets of De Beauvoir Town, compared with those of neighbouring Islington, and the community spirit that pervades the area.”

Joe Illes – Resident, Benyon Estate
They are, and I don’t exaggerate, the ultimate landlords. Whenever there’s a problem they are quick to resolve it.

Aware that The Benyon Estate were in the process of renovating a four-bedroom house, Joe asked to take a look. “We took it immediately. Not only was the refurbishment done to a very high finish but what’s great about being a tenant of The Benyon Estate is that it’s as good as owning your own property. In the past five years, we’ve had two private landlords decide to sell up, which is very disrupting. Whereas the team here have told me that, save some disaster striking, we can stay as long as we like. That makes a big difference.”

Joe goes further. “They are, and I don’t exaggerate, the ultimate landlords. Whenever there’s a problem—once, we managed to lock ourselves out, for example—they are quick to resolve them. My wife and I both lead busy, professional lives so it’s a tremendous comfort to know that we don’t have to worry about anything back at home. And everyone, from the gardeners to the maintenance men to the team at the office, is fantastic. We are really well looked after and the service they provide is of a different class.” 

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From artist to florist, young family to lifelong resident, those who live and work in De Beauvoir Town each have their own connection with the local area, the community and The Benyon Estate team. We pride ourselves in providing the best possible accommodation, whether living or working space, to each of our residents, and enjoy seeing the spaces in which they live become their home. Read the first-hand stories of some of these residents here.