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Meet our new residential tenant Abbie Moulton

Abbie Moulton loves the community spirit in De Beauvoir Town, describing her new home on The Benyon Estate as “something special.”

A writer on food and drink – with a book on British wine published a year ago – Abbie was born in London but grew up in Northern Ireland, returning to the capital more than ten years ago. 

She says: “I moved to Brixton aged 19, eventually found my way east, and have felt a strong connection to this corner of the world ever since. I lived in New York for a bit a few years ago and as thrilling as it was, I really missed the village feel that we have here.

“It was even more noticeable from the outside looking in, I missed the canals, the parks, the neighbourhood coffee shops, the community.”

She believes she has found the perfect place to live in De Beauvoir in a part of East London that she says has something for everyone, at every stage of life.

“Dalston’s great for nightlife, London Fields has a vibrant energy, but De Beauvoir is something special - it’s a real sanctuary, brimming with nature and with a proper community. We know our neighbours by name and stop to chat in the street. You don’t get that everywhere,” she says. 

Abbie works as a freelance food and drink writer, specialising in wine and whisky. But it’s not just the products she loves – it’s the human stories too.

She writes features for newspapers and websites, along with carrying out speaking engagements, consulting work, copywriting, podcasting and presenting. Her background was in events production and wine sales until she took the leap to become a full-time writer.

“I’m interested in things from a produce perspective, so it’s nice to be able to get closer to what we eat and drink from a growing, farming, and crafting perspective, which then opens up stories of regional history, characters, and so on. Sustainability is an important part of those stories as well,” she says.  

Her book “New British Wine” is a celebration of the new wave of British wine-making, discovering – as she says – “the mavericks, makers, artisans and rule-breakers.”

She goes on: “People might already be familiar with the incredible Champagne-style sparkling being made here - it’s winning lots of awards and even beating the famous French bottles in blind tastings. The book looks at this, and beyond to those breaking the mould and exploring what our own unique style may be.”

Abbie’s work takes her far and wide and she has an insight into the emerging trends in food and drink.  She believes the move towards healthier, often organic, food can only grow while top quality wine from England and Wales is breaking through, nationally and internationally.

But she now has a place on The Benyon Estate to come home to from her travels which is, as she says, something special.

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Abbie Moulton
I found the perfect place to live in De Beauvoir in a part of East London that has something for everyone, at every stage of life.

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