December 29th 2017

How social media can bring the Hackney community to you



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Moving to a new country, a new area or new part of town can be daunting, but thanks to social media now offering real-time information at our fingertips, you can start to become part of your new community before you’ve stepped out of the front door.

Following your prospective estate agency or landlord on social media is a a good place to start. Their websites can tell you a lot, but taking to social media can offer you more recent and relevant information.

Their channels can help you to find out more about the area that you planning to live in – for example on The Benyon Estate social media platforms you’ll often find community news from De Beauvoir Town or events in Hackney. Connecting with the local people who are interacting with your landlord’s posts and heading out to the community events that they share will help you feel a part of your new community.

Some landlords may also have news and blog sections on their websites which can be a hub of useful information, whether it’s helpful tips about moving, general advice on caring for your property, or introducing new team members that you might meet as their tenant. You can start to build a relationship with the people who take care of your home and easily keep in touch.

Using social media is also an easy way to discover new businesses in your area – perhaps you’re looking for a new job, looking to relocate your business to new office space, or find new partners or customers – social media provides a channel to network with like-minded people. You can find out about our latest available residential and commercial property in North London on our social media channels.

Remember, keep it professional if you do choose to follow your landlord or their team members on social media, and always use appropriate contact details to contact them about any important matters.

It’s not just your landlord you should connect with when you move to a new area. Check out community groups, evening classes, newspapers, local businesses, local bloggers – the list of people who will be sharing helpful advice about your new home is endless.

If you’ve just moved to Hackney or De Beauvoir Town or even if you’ve lived here a while, we recommend taking a look at De Beauvoir Association, St Peter’s De Beauvoir and Hackney Council as a great place to start.

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