April 11th 2018

Picnic season is nearly upon us!




Harry Davies

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You can always rely on the British weather to be unreliable. However, 2017’s summer arrived in May, so it’s wise to plan for all eventualities at this time of year.

Another thing you can rely on the British for is our unbridled passion for the summer season, come rain or shine. It seems that being grey, wet and miserable for so much of the year make the summer months that much more highly anticipated and, as a result, they’re jam-packed with outdoor events for all tastes and ages. 

Whether you’re at Wimbledon, Ascot, or spending a day in one of London’s numerous parks, there are plenty opportunities for another British favourite, the picnic!

There are all kinds of ways to approach the humble picnic, be it with a disposable BBQ on London Fields or with a fold-out table and champagne flutes at Glyndebourne, and you really can build one to suit any budget, but we like ours to be a bit special. 

Why should eating on a rug mean that you can’t indulge?! Our advice is to stick with finger food wherever possible, which is another thing Britain excels at; pork pies, scotch eggs and sausage rolls are easy and mess-free, and it’s pretty common to find vegetarian versions these days too.

However, avoiding plates and cutlery altogether is somewhat limiting, and you really need a salad for that wow-factor.

Our favourites for this time of year are a posh potato salad – Jersey Royals, sweet potatoes, feta, spring onions and a generous handful of chopped dill  OR  heirloom tomatoes with burrata, red onion and basil. 

Both very quick and easy to make, and full of summery flavours.

If you’d like the hassle taken out of your next picnic, you can order one from us in a range of budgets, named in honour of some of our favourite London parks.

Happy picnicking!

Harry Davies - founder & Owner of De Beauvoir Deli Co.